The Hardwick Chamber Ensemble

"We [the University of California, Riverside and the National Association of Composers, USA (NACUSA)] 'imported' the Hardwick Chamber Ensemble from Chesapeake, Virginia, who not only presented a lovely concert in the evening, but also worked with student and ex-student composers during the afternoon. A large student audience actually stayed through the entire concert, not leaving at the intermission as seems to happen at so many new music concerts in academic settings."

- Marshall Bialosky, President, NACUSA Composer/USA (Spring, 1995)

"A packed house enthusiastically took in a concert of contemporary classics. This, on a cold and rainy night when anyone would have had a good excuse to stay home. But out they came and everyone seemed to enjoy the evening immensely. Winsor's superb Decade Divertimento was a fine tribute to the group's decade of music making. It was a laudable night for culture in Chesapeake, with a promise of many more fine concerts from the Hardwick Chamber Ensemble."

- Raymond Jones, Vice President, WHRO-FM Chesapeake Post (January 30, 1998)

"The Hardwick Chamber Ensemble has shown the absolute highest level of artistic integrity and a high degree of professionalism from rehearsal to performance. They are a pleasure to work with and a pleasure to listen to."

- Darlene Kelly, Artistic Director, Music in Motion

"[The Hardwick Chamber Ensemble's] performance provided us with a welcome departure from our usual student recital, and I have heard many favorable comments from those present. In addition to the excellent playing, our students were treated to some interesting and largely unfamiliar repertory, and we are especially grateful for this."

- David Cordle, Chairman, Virginia Commonwealth University Department of Music

"The Hardwick Chamber Ensemble, consisting of artist performers, is truly unique and outstanding in its musical competency and the ensemble's willingness to share these talents with the community."

- Irene Korte, Chairman, District III, Virginia Federation of Music Clubs

"I wholeheartedly recommend [the Hardwick Chamber Ensemble] to anyone who wishes a first-class performance of chamber music."

- Gerald Safko, Department Head of Humanities, Thomas Nelson Community College

"The piece was warm and lively. It was played with elan, force, vigor, and a playful spirit. The work allowed each of the four passionate performers to shine, ending it with a flourish."

- Eric Feber, The Chesapeake Clipper, March 8, 1996.

"The performance was uniformly good with strong contributions by the composer himself [John Winsor] on clarinet, Jeanette Winsor on piano, Mary Tanner on cello, and especially effective (and beautiful) singing from Anita Lowry."

- Mary Ann McNamee, Penn Sounds, Spring, 1998.

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The Hardwick Chamber Ensemble
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